Mermaid Deluxe Walking Stick – Beautiful Cane for Gift – Wooden Handmade


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Do you want your cane to be more beautiful and stylish, made of natural wood with a unique design handle? We have a solution for you!

We specialize in high-grade canes and walking sticks. This beautiful walking stick will be handmade from scratch for you. It will be a high quality work. All our sticks are made of natural wood (not plastic).

Designed by ARTWalkingSticks.


+ Condition: New
+ Ash Wood
+ Winter / Summer. For various weather conditions.
+ Real Bronze
+ Use: Unisex
+ Fits well both for left-handers and right-handers
+ Measures about 32″ – 42″ inches long
+ Weight: 1.1 lb (540 grams)
+ Support: up to 300 lbs


If you want to place your personalization to indicate your initials or slogan, please write it in the notes when making the order, and we will definitely do it for you.

Your new cane will take upon itself the function of not only supporting during walking, but also gain the importance of an accessory. The cane has become very popular as an accessory among aristocrats. Every self-respecting gentleman considered it obligated to have such an attribute of prosperity. The presence of the cane was not only the privilege of men, but also of women, who at all times were subject to fashion. The variety of types of canes was constantly increasing, and their decoration became richer and richer. The owners of this attribute did not spare any means to show their status and stand out, encrusting the canes with noble metals, precious stones, and even ivory. A special indicator of prosperity was the presence of a whole collection of canes of all kinds and purposes.


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